The Dental Office Morning Huddle And How To Create A Winner

A morning huddle is probably the single most important and effective meeting that you can have with your dental team. It’s the game plan of the day that supports the team and dental practice to win.

The Morning Huddle ‪sets the tone and creates a smooth flowing productive day.

It’s a great way to communicate and plan the day and have everyone on the same page.

The key lies in the purpose of the morning dental team huddle. Your goal is to check in with team members about what your day will look like and how it will flow The huddle is not to plan your week or projects – that’s what all the other meetings are for.

An effective morning huddle is chance for your team members to share information with each other and deliver key updates and plan the day for success.

“Teams that play to win and have a plan will kick big goals”

So how can you make your morning huddles successful? Here are a few things you need to consider if you want to run the most effective morning huddle.


Stand-up during your morning huddle

Standing up will help keep meetings short, energised and to the point.


Everybody speaks

Obviously not all at once. Everybody must say something during the morning huddle. Sharing individual status updates in front of the whole team leads to greater commitment and task accountability from each team member.


Who speaks first?

You don’t want your team to look around the room trying to decide who’s going to speak next. Instead, you should keep it quick and fun. The Practice Manager might start with a quick welcome and update on the figures or goals, front desk share new patient enquires and bookings as well as next new patient and production slot, the dentist’s dental assistant then runs through who we are seeing today, the hygienist then does their list for example.


Make A Circle

Stand in a circle during your morning huddle, make it a team event.


Talk to each other

The morning huddle is not for reporting to the dentist. It’s so that team members can communicate with each other, pull together and know what each is responsible for on that day.


What do you actually say?

What you say during your morning huddle depends on what your dental team needs and what information you the dentist like to know about your day. The purpose of the morning huddle is to check-in with your team. Keep each update short and crisp.

Here are some ideas of what to share during the huddle:

  • What did you accomplish yesterday/last week?
  • Share roadblocks that you need help in (but team members should help after the huddle, not during!)
  • Recognise other team member accomplishments
  • Share personal wins, and any positive feedback from patients
  • Wins from day before
  • Production for the week so far – are we on or off track
  • Opportunities to increase production for the day
  • Run through of the patients for the day and who needs to be where and when for example when hygienist needs a perio chart
  • Next available new patient spot
  • Next production spot
  • Any outstanding treatment not booked for hygiene patients
  • Any patient from dentist book who can fill an open hygiene spot
  • Announcements, visitors or appointments with reps
  • Inspirational quote for the day
  • Any patient who has a birthday coming up and get a birthday card ready from the team

You shouldn’t try to communicate all of these things during your huddle. Start with a few of these items and ask your team to stick with them.

Review your morning huddle process regularly, you might find that as your dental office and team evolve, you might have different things to communicate during your morning huddle.


How long should your morning huddle be?

The shorter your team huddle, the better. Keep it under 15 minutes, I find 10 works best keep it fast paced, positive and high energy.


When should you have your team huddle?

It’s a morning huddle so hold it in the morning. The way it works best is to have your team set up first and then hold the huddle at a set a specific time that you all stick to. The huddle starts on time every time, everyone should be ready, it’s not your job to round them up. Same time, same place – keep it simple.

In my office we set up from 7.30am and morning huddle happens at 7.45 – 7.55am ready for our 8am patient.

Building a morning huddle ritual will help make your dental team be more effective by improving communication and efficiency during the day, creating flow and a smooth-running low stress day.

The morning huddle gives everyone a chance to know exactly what is expected for the day and clarifies who is to be doing what and when.


‪Create Your Morning Huddle

‪Ultimately, it’s your morning huddle, you get to decide what information you want to share and include based on what you feel will set the tone and create a smooth flowing day.

‪We do our huddle standing up, make it quick and to the point. Each person on the team is responsible for their own area of the huddle and one person oversees the huddle to keep it on track.

When it comes to the morning huddle – commit to it, refine it and have fun with it!

Keep it fast paced, fun and to the point.