Dental Boss Procrastination Is Killing Your Dental Practice

Today I find myself procrastinating, this is not like me. Not like me at all. My nickname is Action Woman. But it happens to us all from time to time. We look at the to do list and we know we have stuff that needs to get done, important stuff, stuff that matters. And yet procrastination takes over, in its many forms and guises. 

Yet I know this beast and its many tricks, its seductions, excuses and justifications and I know it is not real.

Resistance In Disguise

Procrastination is really resistance – there is a deep-seated reason why I don’t want to get my stuff done, why I have a block. It’s not that I don’t have the time, the motivation, the will to get it done. It’s not that I don’t understand the task or need to get better organised.

Inside there is something saying I don’t want to do it, its going to stretch me, expose me, reveal me and ask me to go deeper, bring out more, be vulnerable and stand in more of who I am.

And so I resist – telling myself I am stuck and I don’t know where to start. The truth of the matter for me is I have so much gold I want to share, so much I need to tell you and say to support you in your growth that I fear turning on the tap because it may never stop pouring forth. I never said it was rational – fear makes you say and think crazy things.


So here I sit blank page and pen in hand waiting to download all I want to say, all that I know, and deliver it up to you so you can be inspired and yet I resist and you know why… Doing the work isn’t hard but getting started is. And so here I sit writing this video and blog content (procrastinating for a good course).

Doing the work isn’t hard, getting started is.

Make a start – then it will be easy!

So why is making a start so challenging – what gets in our way, what stops us taking action???

Take Action

Most of us in life go through the motions, doing the day to day. Living the life we live. And as dentists, that means seeing patients, drilling teeth and running our dental practices best we can and trying to manage our business commitments around our personal and family lives.

Yet inside many of us have another life waiting and calling to us what I call the unlived life. And between the two stands resistance with a capital R. Resistance that shows up in many forms. But before I explore that – what do I mean by the unlived life?

The Unlived Life

The unlived life is that voice that knows you are here for more than this, that life isn’t just groundhog day, that there is more for you to bring – that you have qualities just waiting for you to unleash. That you were born for a reason – that you have a unique genius the world is waiting for.

And what do we do with that genius, that unlived life, we succumb to resistance and we continue to go through the motions, telling ourselves that one day we will be able to follow our dream and live our true purpose. And we allow resistance to stand in our way.

Stop Procrastinating and Start Living

We wait for the timing to be right, to have enough money, the right people on our team, our children to be old enough, etc etc

And all the while the life your soul is calling for you to action sits gathering dust as you wait for everything to be perfect.

Well let me tell you a cold hard fact here…. it will never be perfect, there will never be the ‘right’ time or the perfect storm of terms and conditions or circumstances where you will go – ah everything is constellated and I have space now to unpack and commence my unlived life, to fulfill my potential and follow the calling of my heart.

Why do so many of us wait until we are staring death in the face to make a change, to shift our lot in life to say this is what I really want to do with my time. We’ve all seen it – people who get diagnosed with cancer for example and all of a sudden they make great shifts in their life and start doing all the things they secretly wanted but always resisted doing.

We don’t need to wait until things are perfect or we are at rock bottom or facing a terminal illness to live the life we want, to make changes, bring in new ideas, grow our dental practice, employ a new team member or delegate some of our tasks.

One Day Is NOW

I loose count of how many times I’ve said once this happens or when I have this then I will….. And you know what all that happens is you wait for the that to happen to arrive and all the while it doesn’t because you have placed terms and conditions on your life – this is resistance and hence you configure a situation that keeps you stuck and in resistance.

This is massive procrastination with the perfect excuse – but I don’t have enough staff, money, time – I can’t get started!!!


Well what I learnt is that you just have to start – take action, get going, one foot in front of another, put the pen to paper…. activate the unlived life. Implement and set the wheels in motion no matter what. There will never be and there never is a perfect time – there is only now and when you get the impulse, when the idea comes, when the urge is there to shift, change and grow you HAVE to act on it.

And you know what happens as you start to take action it changes the life you are living and suddenly the things you were waiting for before you could get started actually begin to fall into place. Once you shift the resistance, stop procrastinating, something opens up and life begins to flow.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but if it is something you truly believe in it will be worth it.

This can apply to the smallest thing like implementing a new system in your dental office, introducing a new treatment service or procedure, bringing on a new hire, changing the hours that you work, taking up a new hobby or following an inner calling and a grander purpose. Whatever it is you are resisting. You simply have to make a start.

First comes the awareness, second the activity and third you gotta simply trust that this is part of the plan for you to tap into your unlived life.

Stare Resistance In The Face

Procrastination, indecision, distractions, feeling stretched and out of your comfort zone – these are all markers of resistance and for me a sign that there is more amazing stuff for you to come.

So make a start and live your unlived life stop waiting for things to be just right or until you are forced to make a change.

Stare resistance in the face and get started.