Why are some dentists more successful than others, what is their secret?

Ask yourself this… Do you think the reason your’e not a successful dentist or your dental office is failing because you have a lack of patients, the competition in your area is steep, the economy is bad, your team isn’t working and your patients don’t get it?

Do you think the answer is to work harder, work longer hours and compete on price by discounting your services and offering free promos to get more patients through the doors?

But what if the answer is actually the complete opposite of this?

The Secret Formula

Why is it that your office is struggling and Dr High-Flier down the road is doing so well? So well that they have a constant stream of new patients who not only say yes to treatment but are asking for their services so much so that Dr High-Flier is having take on more staff to meet demand.

How can Dr High-Flier be so successful as a dentist when they have exactly the same competition as you, work in the same economy, have a team that they need to manage and are getting patients from the same target market as you?

What is their secret formula and wouldn’t you just like to bottle it and have some for yourself?

Better Dentist?

You sit there in your office trying to work it out – and then it dawns on you Dr High-Flier is just a better dentist than you, they do better dentistry and have all the latest gadgets and equipment. Dr High-Flier must do more continuing education than you and all that knowledge and expertise is what makes his patients beat a path to his door.

So you go and do more clinical training, spend time and money on continuing education and upgrading your skills. You buy the latest and greatest dental equipment, the newest technology and the best there is on the market. You’ve put yourself into massive debt to do so and guess what?!

It makes not one bit of difference. You still can’t get patients to say yes to treatment, you still aren’t getting enough new patients in the door, your team is still a nightmare and the competition is just as fierce.

And what’s worse you have now spent a whole heap of money and put yourself in more debt which you are now struggling even more than before to repay.

Work Harder Work More Hours???!

So you revert back to what you know and work harder and longer hours trying to make ends meet all the while burning yourself out with stress and worry and ruining your relationships because you are never at home and even when you are your mind is at the office.

So what if you could be a fly on the wall for a day and watch Dr High-Flier and their team at play – what would you learn, what could you implement in your office?

What if I told you that Dr High-Flier is just an average dentist with average skills and basic equipment? You probably wouldn’t believe me? Yet this in fact is the case because as far as clinical skills go Dr High-Flier just scrapped through dental school.

But there was something that he realised and started to put into place when he set up his own business that stands him leaps ahead of where you are, even though you are actually better at dentistry than him!

There is something about Dr High-Flier and his team and the way that his dental office runs that has patients seeking his services and saying yes to treatment, even though his fees are double what yours are.

So here’s where the problem comes in you think you need to be the one working more hours, seeing more patients, giving up time with your friends and family because you need to make more money in order to keep your dental practice open and live the life you want and that is actually the opposite to what you should be doing.

Working more hours and seeing more patients will never give you enough money to live the life you want. You need to work smarter – develop your communication, business and leadership skills, work on your customer service, build your systems and train your team. You need to show your patients you care and give them a great experience – turn them into fans of your office who can’t wait to tell everyone about this awesome dentist they go and see.

Being a great dentist is more than drilling teeth; you have to be great with people, your time and your money. So if you want to be a Dr High-Flier you need to learn how to give 5 star customer service as well as 5 star dentistry.