Times are tough for dental practices, we are in an economy that still certainly looks and feels as if it’s suffering a recession, people are holding on to their money and only spending it on necessities and for many that does not include dentistry.
There are more dental offices than ever before and with the rise of the corporate giants its hard to compete when you are essentially a one man band small business.
In this show I’ll expose the 6 biggest challenges dentists face in business and how to overcome them:
  1. Cashflow
  2. Tiredness
  3. Finding and retaining profitable patients
  4. Motivating employees
  5. Overheads
  6. Staying current
With forethought and tenacity, there’s no issue that can’t be overcome. As a business dent-entrepreneur you already have many skills in abundance, and applying them to boost your business should come naturally.


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