Systems Are A Must For Every Successful Dentist

Systems or Chaos?

Without systems and training in your dental office you will have chaos, stress, inefficiency, wasted time, unhappy staff and unhappy patients. Without systems and delegation you are left doing everything when you should be focusing on drilling teeth, caring for patients and the big picture of your dental office.

Business Systems

Business systems and organization allow you to be in control of your office without being controlling. Systems let your team know what is expected of them and how things are to be done. Without systems your office is a free for all with people making it up as they go and doing things their way not your way.

Are You Reinventing The Wheel Every Day

Are you frustrated and fed up with the lack of accountability in your practice, do your staff make excuses and blame rather than take responsibility? Are tasks not getting completed and are patients left wondering if your office even knows what it is doing? Are things not being doing correctly and are the same mistakes being made time and time again? Are you constantly putting out fires and dealing with interruptions from your team, as they have to ask you how to do every little thing in the office? Do you feel as if you are doing it all on your own?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you need help. You can’t go on like you are stressed and frustrated and in chaos. What you need is to have systems in place that explain what needs to be done and how.

Why Systems?

The systems hold your team and your business together; they allow your business to function well. If the systems are absent, poor or not followed or there is lack of training then things just fall apart.

What is your office like, do you have clear and direct systems in place, do your team know to follow them and are they held accountable for achieving the results and required outcomes.

How well formed are your systems, are they up to date and does everyone have access to them?

Without systems your team will be making it up as they go along and you will feel out of control, mistakes will be made and time gets wasted trying to find things, working out what to do or where things are and you are constantly having to put things right, or double checking that tasks have been done. Without systems your team will be demanding of your time and energy as they will always need you to resolve a situation or answer there questions.

A Dental Office That Runs Itself

If you want a dental office that runs itself you need to systemise every aspect and train your team to do it the way it needs to be done – to follow those systems and be accountable. It is your responsibility to give clear guidelines and expectations and then to inspect what you expect and follow up to ensure things are being done the way you want.

Tips For Systemising Your Dental Practice

Here are tips and advice for systemising your office, having a team that knows exactly what to do and how to do it. This will free up your time and your headspace to focus on delivering dentistry and managing your team.

Step 1 Get clear about the structure of your business and the roles involved. Clarify what needs to be done in each of these roles and set out a clear job or position description with what they need to do and what targets or performance standards they need to be achieving.

Step 2 Create a culture of asking do we have a system for that. If you do review and refine the system regularly, keep the system up to date, improve it or make it more streamlined. If there is no system make one. Systems can be done by writing them done like a step-by-step recipe that anyone can follow. You can also do videos or use photographs to convey your system.

Step 3 Create a systems manual, which is a reference to every system that shows what needs to be done, how and by when. Make sure your team have access to this and can refer to it when needed

Step 4 Train your team. Train your team in the systems, review them regularly, role play where needed and ensure they are up to speed and up to standard.

Step 5 Adopt a mistakes are opportunities mindset. If errors occur in your office they happen for one of 3 reasons 1. There is no system or the system is inadequate 2. The person is poorly trained or has not had training or lacks the skills required to complete the task adequately 3. It’s an attitude problem as in they don’t want to do it your way.

Mistakes happen because they don’t know how to do it, can’t do it don’t want to do it. But 80% of the time it is a system fault – there isn’t one or its poorly conveyed. So when issues and mistakes are happening in your office review the system and train the team. If it is still not working then you either have someone who can’t master the skill or doesn’t want to. I’ll talk more about how to manage this situation in future videos.

Invest In Being Systematic

The key to having a profitable, happy well-run dental office is to invest the time into getting your systems recorded and ensuring everyone adheres to them.

Yes getting the systems written and documented is a big task, it will take time and effort but it is worth it. The advantages are anyone can open the systems manual and do the task required so your team become self-reliant and not dependent on you for everything, it makes training and onboarding new team members quick and easy and it also means that when it comes time to sell your office it is worth more because those systems are the brains and lifeblood of the business and add value to the bottom line.

Of course you can carry on as you are running around like headless chickens without clear direction and expectations but wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind knowing your office is well managed and running like clockwork, that tasks are being done properly and that your patients are being well cared for.

If you don’t know where to start or need support to make your dental office more productive and less stressful I can help you so please reach out I’d love to have a free strategy call with you to help you take your practice to the next level.