Million Dollar Dentist Mindset

Mindset can be a tricky topic to have clarity around and it often gets over looked or dismissed. But I can share with you that what I’ve found causes a dentist to go from $500,000 to a million dollar dentist, to a $2 million one, and what prevents a practice from growing no matter what strategies and tactics are in place, is mindset.

Many dentists don’t understand that they are entrepreneurs and many entrepreneurs don’t understand that in order to get from where they are to where they want to be they have to make a shift on the inside first. The latest brain research shows that our internal map of reality, where we see ourselves, is actually influencing what we think about, how we feel and how we perceive things but more importantly it shapes what we do.

The mindset game needs to be worked on every single day if you want to accelerate your growth as a person, leader, and in your practice.

What Makes A Million Dollar Dentist

Think about this somebody who makes $250,000 a year or a $ million doesn’t think the same way as someone who is making a $50 million a year. So if you want to alter your results and the outcomes you’re getting in your practice you must first change what you believe is possible for you.

You need to see yourself as a million dollar dentist and believe it is possible. And to do so you must change what you are doing day to day because the behaviours that you’re acting upon today are not enough to get you where you want to go. What got you here will not get you there.

If you already known what you could be doing and should be doing but are not doing it, why is that? What’s holding you back? It’s because we run on autopilot rather than by purposeful intent.

4% of your thought patterns and behaviours are because of what you design and what you really want, the other 96% are based on what you are conditioned to think about and conditioned to do.

Change Your Mindset Change Your Habits

You will have heard many times that we are creatures of habit. So if we’re doing the same thing over and over and over again and not seeing different results is not because we don’t want it or want to change it’s because we are conditioned to do certain things and behave in certain ways.

If you want to break that cycle you have to change what is happening on the inside, change the inside and the outside changes that is one of the most important things I’ve learned in my life as a business owner and in helping other dentists.

Your outside reflection or the outside world is nothing more than the outplay of what your internal images project. Change the internal image and everything else changes.

You can use tools like affirmations, visualisations and meditations if you like…

But the biggest shift is going to come by taking action and shifting the behaviour, nominating what is going on inside and then working to shift it.

Retrain your brain to create a new internal programming and hardwire your mindset for success and be willing to take action everyday, the smallest step is all that’s required.

Million Dollar Dentist Thinking

Get out of mediocre thinking and start to feel different and most importantly do things differently every single day.

Get yourself a new vision, a new plan of action and stop following and doing what you’ve been taught and feel familiar with, by all means build on your foundation but what got you here won’t get you there – whatever the there is for you.

Work on your mindset and action steps and you’ll go from where you are to achieving results that you thought would never happen.

Develop a million dollar mindset and act like the million dollar dentist you know you can be today.