Many managers, business owners think leadership begins with others.

Leadership is about others but it actually begins with you.

Often leaders complain about others rather than owning their responsibility and being accountable for their own actions and results.

Dentist and Leader

You need to become a skillful leader if you hope to lead remarkable teams. At the end of the day you are responsible for the lousy meetings you run, the culture in your office, the level of accountability and for setting the tone of what is and is not an acceptable level of performance and behaviour.

Just like you need to become an exceptional spouse if you hope to experience a spectacular marriage or you need to become a magnificent mom or dad if you hope to enjoy family life.

You need to become a brilliant and honest leader of yourself if you are going to lead your team and your dental office to success.

Lack of guaranteed outcomes is no excuse for not bringing your best. You are the mirror for how you want your team to be, so go out there and lead by example.

Self-leadership is essentially expecting more from yourself than you expect from others.

Traits of Leadership

As a leader you need to:

Focus on what you should do, more than what others should do.

Exemplify the attitudes and values you expect from others.

Take 100% responsibility for yourself and your team. 

If things aren’t going as you hoped, look at yourself. The answer begins with you, not others. Humility rules!

4 ways to lead yourself:

#1. Do you want to hold others accountable? Become the most accountable person on your team.

#2. Do you want to tell others what to do? Invite someone to tell you what to do. (Not a delinquent employee, of course.) I was thinking more like a coach or mentor.

#3. Do you want to evaluate others? Yield yourself to rigorous evaluation. I didn’t say, “Evaluate yourself.”

#4. Do you need to be hard on others? Ask others to be hard on you.

Stop worrying about who you aren’t, what you don’t have, and things you can’t do. Focus on who you are, what you have, and things you can do. Then go about doing them well and setting the standard in your dental practice.

How To Be A Dental Leader

Leaders don’t have to bark orders or instructions, you role is to inspire and motivate your team, bring clarity around why your dental office exists and why you do what you do, know and live your businesses values and what is needed next for your dental office to be successful.

Your number one job as a leader is to get alignment from your staff so you are all pulling in the same direction, know what behaviours are acceptable and that all decisions must uphold your core values and take you closer to achieving you top priority or goal.

Leading With Vision and Clarity

A leader supplies the vision and clarity that has the team knowing where they are going and why. So take the time to answer these 6 questions and let your team know what you and your dental office stand for:

  1. Why do we exist? – Your vision.
  2. How do we behave? – Your core values.
  3. What do we do? – The service you provide.
  4. How will we succeed? – The things that make your dental office work and profitable.
  5. What is important right now? – The number one thing you need to focus on to give the biggest outcome or shift in your office.
  6. Who must do what? – The people and their responsibilities for what tasks.

Once you have this clear and established you will have direction and focus and a team who know your reason for being and their reason for working for you. You will be a much better leader with a happier more productive team which in turn gets results and provides a much healthier and functional dental office.