Case acceptance comes down to your people skills first and foremost, how engaging you can be, how you can be present and sincere, yet demonstrate confidence and be self-assured without being arrogant.
People buy things emotionally, come on we’ve all seen that something and gone I just have to have that. Hell I even did that with my new car, I wasn’t even looking for a new car I was getting my other one serviced and I just saw this beautiful new Porsche and I knew I had to have it.
But you’re not going to buy from someone you don’t trust or like. It’s that simple. And because we buy on emotion you can’t win people over with logic.
In this episode I share some tips I’ve learned that build trust and rapport really quickly that you can apply to your new patient exams and case presentations and see your case acceptance improve by nailing the first few seconds of meeting your patient.


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