What is your work life balance like?
Take a moment to think about your life – how healthy and wealthy is it, do you consider yourself rich because of how you are with yourself and your loved ones or is it all work and no play, marking time until your holiday or a day off, waiting for sleep as it’s the only time you get for yourself.
How much longer can that go on for and is it really what you imagined when you decided to do dentistry or open your own practice.
So how do you improve your work life balance, especially if you are struggling to make enough money in your practice to cover your bills? Well firstly you have to change the way you work to be able to be more productive and effective, to have a team that backs you and helps you to run your office and to master all aspects of your business.
I have shared much of the basics and my top tips and steps to achieve this in my other podcasts in this series so for now here are some steps you can take to improve your work life balance.

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