Can You Have A Dental Practice And A Life You Love

What Lights You Up? I want to ask what lights you up, what makes you feel on fire, like your life has purpose and meaning.

I know I’m a dental coach and dentist and of course for you to have a dental office that works for you we need to talk strategy and systems but we also need to work on you, your mindset, your wellbeing and self-worth – who you are as a person and a leader because there is more to running great dental practice than systems and policy.

Profitable Dental Practice and A Freedom Lifestyle

I’ve had over 27 years in dentistry and 14 in business I have made mistakes and learnt from the best so I want to share my own lived experience with you.

I want you to stop being a dentist for a moment and consider what is freedom for you???

For me it’s about having a life you love to spend with yourself, your family, friends and have a successful profitable well run business.

Consider what do you like to do outside of dentistry – I love to play guitar, present at wellbeing events, whizz around on my electric scooter and go surfing, I also love to read and walk my dogs, mediate and cook and go to personal development workshops. In fact I’ve just come back from a 6 day retreat in Vietnam.

So stop and think about what things to do you like to do? And then how do you find time to do them?

How Can You Have It ALL

I want to share with you how you can have it all, be happy and healthy and do the things that light you up and make you feel passionate.

It never used to be this way for me I had to find out that things needed to change I grew up in a working class family and during the 1980’s my dad was made redundant and for 5 years he was unemployed and we had to live on benefits and welfare handouts. I was told that I needed to work hard, use my brains and get myself out of the dead end life my parents had.

So I worked hard and got into Uni and became a dentist and I became the fastest and most efficient dentist so I could see as many patients as I could and make money.

What happened is that yes I was making a good income but in doing so I became exhausted and burnt out, stressed and depressed and moody. I’d be crying on my way to work and was having heart palpitations, anxiety and panic attacks.

So I buried myself in exercise to make it look like I was fit on the outside, but I was exhausted and living off coffee and making it look like I had my stuff together. My body hurt from sitting behind the dental chair and craning my neck to see. It’s ridiculous that we learn all about the human body and how to care for our patients but not once do we got told or taught how to look after ourselves.

We have to deal with all the anxiety of our patients and the ups and downs of our team and their issues and somehow we are supposed to take it on the chin and smile and be polite.

Its no wonder we end up in pain constantly as we hold ourselves in so much tension with constant chatter and noise going on in our minds, like our thoughts are no longer our own. So we put on our professional persona and brave face and try and control life by micromanaging our business but inside we are dying a slow downward spiral death while we expect things to change.

It’s only when I realised I needed help, I needed to change and stop trying to make life what I wanted it to be when inside I had the power to take charge of my inner world and how I feel and respond to life.

I sought support for my healing, health and wellbeing as well as coaching to become a better leader and businessperson as well as partner and mother.

Things flow when you let go and let life be.

So how did I go from being a total control freak to being more at ease and in the flow?

Be At Ease and In The Flow – Balance Dentistry With A Fun and Fulfilling Life


  1. You become a leader in your own life – lead your patients, your team and your life from your core values, integrity and a place of love and wealth mindedness. Look at your challenges as an opportunity for growth and to learn. Learn to trust rather than be in fight/flight which will make you wired and tired. We put so much effort into our thoughts and ignore the messages the body is sending.
  2. Listen to your body and adopt self-care to nurture and nourish yourself so your body the place you live 24/7 is well maintained and cared for. Treat yourself and your body with respect, love and care. You need to look after yourself first before you can take care of others and enjoy being in your own skin. Free up your natural energy flow and be more productive.
  3. Communication – learn to express what you need, to have those candid conversations and be willing to get the elephant in the room out in the open. Learn that things aren’t always personal – that people are dealing with their stress and life issues and often will project it at you and your team. Find out the facts rather than jumping to conclusions. People are not doing things just to piss you off, so don’t take it that way. When you are communicating be direct, don’t sugar coat it, be clear, use words like I want, I need, I would like, can you do this for me, can I give you some feedback. Learn to ask for what you need.
  4. Delegation and stop micromanaging – this will reduce you stress, but you need to be clear and make sure the person you are delegating to knows exactly what is need and what your expectations are and then hold people accountable. Give proper step by step instructions and training. Give support and feedback, timeline – make sure everything is going well. Follow up and follow through. Catch them doing something good – this includes yourself appreciate yourself and your team. Show gratitude and reward good behaviour if you want more of the same.
  5. Create Systems – this will free you up as it organises your business and the standards you want.


Its All A Reflection of You…

Set your core values for the culture and behaviours in your business to create a work place that is supportive, enjoyable and healthy.

Hire based on values and being a fit for your culture and not just skills. Ask them for a video resume and interview them when there guard is down by taking them out for coffee. Remember your team is your greatest asset and investment.

Hire people to do things you can’t do or don’t want to do.

Is your practice a reflection of the real you or the stressed out of control you?

So whilst you can blame your team, your patients, your location, the economy it all comes back to you, who you are and how you are showing up.

So how are you going to change, let go of, and who are you going to become.

How are you going to build that trust and confidence in yourself so you can enjoy your dentistry and have a life that lights you up?