Hitting Your Dentistry Goals Starts With Your Big WHY

I am going to give you some tools, tips and techniques to enable you to take your dental office from good to great. To help you hit your goals in dentistry.

You deserve to be successful and happy, and I know dental school taught me zero about business…

So I’ve put together a series of topics that I’m going to cover to help you get the basics right so you can stop feeling stressed and start taking control of your dental office and enjoy your dentistry again.


Why Are You A Dentist

I want you to reflect for a moment about why you opened your own dental office or why you went into dentistry.

Why is it that you do what you do? Where do your picture your dental office, yourself and your team in a years time, 5, 10?

What is it that you want your patients to experience and be saying about a visit to your office?

How do you want to feel at the end of your working day?

Now compare that to what you have, does the picture you had match your reality. If you answered yes then I’m super happy for you if not then what I’m about to share may be just what you need to be able to turn things around…

Does Your Dental Practice Lack Direction

Do you get frustrated or upset that your dental practice has lost its direction or worse that it’s going in the wrong direction?

Do you find that you ask yourself why am I doing this or wishing that you were treating a different type of patient or doing different types of treatment?

Do you wish your office were better managed or that your team were better equipped to do their jobs?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions I know exactly how you feel…

Lost Doing Dentistry

We get so caught up trying to be a good dentist and making ends meet we forget about why we opened our own office in the first place and instead of living the dream we find ourselves caught in some sort of nightmare of our own making.

This is where I can help you get back on track and to have your team help you reach your dreams and have the practice that you imagined back when you first opened your doors. As I was once where you are and I felt so fed up and resentful that I wanted to walk away from it all.

But then I started to teach myself business and got a business coach – and it allowed me to turn things around and become very productive without having to work so hard that I felt like my business was killing me.

Is Your Dental Office Slowly Decaying?

It’s a bit like tooth decay, slowly bacteria are eating away at your tooth enamel, but you don’t notice it as you’re not in pain and your can still eat without any problems.

Everything seems be working ok but all the while your tooth is slowly rotting.

As the decay advances you start to notice some discomfort but you put up with it because it’s not too bad and its not happening all the time. But that decay keeps slowly advancing, unchecked and you are unaware of what is actually happening.

Before you know it you’re having regular sensitivity and even pain and you can’t really chew or drink on that side of your mouth anymore but instead of heeding the warning signs and doing something about it you try and ignore it and pretend everything is ok even though the tooth is making you miserable and stopping you from enjoying life.

Now its painful all the time, you can’t sleep and pain relief just isn’t helping and you don’t think you can take it anymore.

So you can keep going as you are or get the tooth fixed, stop suffering and get back to being happy and healthy again.

It’s the same with your dental office – are you going to let it slowly rot and die or are you going to take action and get it fixed…

What’s Your WHY

What I’d like you to do is think for a moment about your WHY – you vision, your dream for your dental office.

If we don’t look after it or review it regularly it’s a bit like that tooth that has dental decay. Are you going to let your dream become so compromised that your day to day becomes so painful and unbearable that you suffer endlessly or become one of the statistics of dentistry who end up burnout, taking early retirement or worse still suiciding.

We don’t have to wait until things get really bad before we take notice or to hit rock bottom before we make changes or reach out for help.

As a dentist you know better than anyone that the instant your tooth was damaged you should have gotten it fixed not waited until you were in extreme pain and it’s the same with your dental office.

The moment your dream started to get compromised was the time to have said hang on stop this isn’t what I want and bring things back on track again with your vision, your why and fix the problems that were taking you off course.

A Clear Vision For Your Dental Office

By having a strong, clear vision for your office, one that is so compelling it is hard to get nudged off course, as you notice immediately when things aren’t how you want them to be.

Sharing your vision regularly with your team helps you to know what is healthy for your business and what is not.

It allows you to instantly recognise when ‘decay’ has set in.

Having a clear the vision steers you back on track and holds everything together so that you and your dental office can function really well.

Tips To Develop Your Dental Practice Vision

Here’s some tips to help you develop your vision

Step 1 get really really clear about what it is that you want and how you will get it.

Think about what sort of treatments you want to do, what sort of patients you want to work with, what you want your team to be like, what you want your practice to look like, where do you want your office to be and what does it stand for, what difference are you making to people’s lives

Step 2 make sure your vision excites you because as you move through your business journey times will be tough. Your vision needs to be so strong that when those tough times come around its your vision that gets you out of bed in the morning and keeps you motivated.

Step 3 get so excited about your vision that you communicate all the time it with your team and everybody around you that plays a part in delivering the results.

Step 4 Involve your team in developing your vision and their whys so that they buy in to what your office is about and help you deliver on your goals. This way they feel part of the journey and feel they are doing more than just a job.

A Vision Keeps A Dental Practice On Track Towards Hitting Its Goals

Developing a vision is a great foundation for your office and will help you stay on track and know when things are not working for you before you end up unhappy or worse still hating your business.

Having a coach can help you develop your vision and support you to get clarity around what it is you want to set out to achieve.

If you need some help with your vision or your plan for your dental office then please reach out to me.

Take Action

So if you don’t have a vision your action step is to sit down and write one, let me know if I can help.

If you do have one and you’re off track then review your vision and what steps you need to take to bring you and your dental office back on course and reaching your dreams again.

Then take the steps needed and share that vision with your team over and over so you are all working for the same result.