Empty holes in your schedule, not enough patients saying yes to treatment??
Want to see growth in your dental practice??
Then let’s talk about how to 10x Your Case Acceptance
Increasing your case acceptance and treatment Planning skills is ‘the’, fastest way to grow your practice, and that’s what I believe in helping dentists do!
I hear too many dentists telling me their appointment books are empty, or that patients will only accept cheap dentistry, quick fixes or only want the problem tooth taken of.
They tell me they are struggling to pay their bills and often can’t pay themselves, and that their schedule is full of holes not patients.
Now there are 3 ways you could fix this problem – get more new patients – which every dentist believes is the magic wand answer to all their woes – diagnose and plan more treatment for your current patients and increase your case acceptance.
Listen to the show to work out what you need to focus on and how to track your case acceptance and treatment planning so you know exactly where you are doing well and where you need to hone your skills.

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