How to get new patients from the phone to the dental chair

In this episode discover what takes a caller from the phone to the dental chair and what is it that sets practices apart.

Without new patients you practice cannot grow and become successful. So you and your team need to be able to take the caller from the phone and into your office.

How is it that some dental offices can convert 70% plus of their callers into bookings and kept appointments when most practices struggle to get past Hello and their average conversion rate is 30-50% at best.

  • have the right type of people on the phone,
    training them
  • Have your fornt desk team know their number one role is to book appointments
    your front desk team must understand they are in sales and they have targets and performance goals to hit

We’ll look at:

  • How to deal with ‘shopper’ calls
  • The rules of engagment when answering the phone
  • How to quickly build relationships and trust on a call
  • How to make your caller feel important
  • And how to get that appointment booked


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