Increasing production leads to increased profit which can lead to a lot of positive things in a dentist’s life:
1. Ability to increase time off
2. More choices on when and how you work.
3. Freedom earlier in life.
4. Ability to provide a life for yourself and your family that most people could only dream of.
In this episode I will share what numbers to track and what areas of your dental practice and new patient experience you need to hone in on so you can be more productive and profitable.
Discover how to be more productive without having to work harder or see more patients.
Learn what to track and why it’s important. What to look for and what the numbers tell us.
Know what to fix and where to spend your time, effort and money.
I want to help you create predictable positive cashflow to create stability and the freedom to choose how you run your practice.
Being profitable allows your dental practice to care for your patients, reduce stress levels and for you have a great lifestyle.
Let’s break the myth that dentists shouldn’t make money or that profit is a bad thing and that the only way to be profitable is to get more new patients.
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