Do you have a dream?

Is it a big dream? Is it something you have wanted all of your life? And are you taking action to work towards that dream and make it come true?

Without a dream, or vision as they call it in business terms, you and your dental office will be lacking a sense of purpose and direction which means you will most likely be jumping from one idea to another in an attempt to make things better or keep up with the dental office down the road.

Without clarity of purpose how do you stay on track and know you are doing the right things that will bring you success, happiness and satisfaction? It’s all too easy to be distracted by the next bright shinny idea or quick fix solution that comes your way, so you end up with too many balls in the air and see results that are mediocre or even worse results that confirm that whatever changes you try to make in your dental office or your life it just doesn’t work.

But if you don’t know what the end looks like then how do you know what to focus on and what represents success? If you don’t have a this is why I do what I do and this is where I want to go then how do you know what to do to get there.


A dental office without a strong vision or a shared vision is like setting off on a journey without an end destination in mind.

When we plan a trip we have a starting point, an end destination and a map of how to get there. We have a sense of direction and how long it will take us to get from A to B. This allows us to prepare properly for the journey and for any eventualities along the way, like traffic and the need for pit stops to have a break, refuel and assess our progress. We are also prepared for a Plan B with alternative routes and contingencies for any challenges or obstacles we might encounter.

So why do we not approach our dental office in the same way? You have your dream, your why and what you want to achieve. You start with the end in mind and then work out what direction and steps you need to take to get you there. This is called reverse engineering.

Team Buy-In

With the end in mind you have a compass that steers your every decision in your office – is this taking you closer to your destination or is it steering you off course. With your vision compass in hand you will be able to focus on what is relevant and important to your career success and happiness in your life.

A dream, especially a big dream, let’s you avoid distractions, refocus when you need to and know that you are getting closer to fulfilling your dream.

Share your dream with your team and have them buy into your why, let them help you guide and steer your ship and be a part of an incredible journey.