New Patients Is That Really The Answer To Being A Successful Dentist?
I was just thinking, what does it take to be successful at dentistry and look, if you ask a lot of people, ask a lot of coaches or you read articles or dental business books, they just talk about focusing on getting more new patients.
You’ve got to get more new patients, more new patients, more new patients, and then that’s the answer. I’m just going to get more new patients and I’ll be successful at dentistry, but come on. Is that really it?
Success Is Measured In New Patient Numbers….
I mean, if that was the answer, then we’d all be successful because there’s millions of people out there with teeth, millions of people with tooth ache and millions of people who need a dentist.
Yet some dentists really struggle. They’re living off their overdrafts and not making any money. They’re depressed, their relationships and their health is breaking down … and then there’s others who are doing absolutely amazing and fantastic things.
So what is the formula to success?

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