Delegate or Die – the secret to a high producing dental practice

How can you make your dental practice more successful and make your life easier?

There is a simple and straightforward strategy but one that gives incredible leverage. And this is where you get to use you team rather than carry your team especially if you feel your team is making your life harder.

By taking these steps you will get more done in your dental office without you having to be the one doing it all.

Your team is crying out for more responsibility and for their work to be more than a job. This can’t happen if you are fighting against your team because you all have different priorities.

You show up and lead them, believe in them to develop them as people and team members who in return will help you grow your dental practice and your business. Start delegating and stop trying to do it all dentist.

Stop Being A Micromanaging Dentist

However, first and foremost you have got to stop trying to control and micromanage everything and start trusting and empowering your team to take over tasks for you.

This is where a culture of accountability and responsibility needs to be developed in your office.

You also need to give clear instruction, set expectations, train and follow up and follow through to ensure what you want done is not only being done but also getting done the way you want it.

You only micromanage because you believe that no one can do it as good as you and because you also have a trust issue where you believe people are going to let you down.

Well let me tell you people will let you down, they will make mistakes, none of us is perfect and you have to be willing and prepared for that.

With the right support, systems and training mistakes will be minimal and if you develop an attitude of ok that’s a chance to learn, mistakes can be the biggest teacher and opportunity for growth in your dental office.

Delegate and Empower Your Dental Team

Secondly, you need to have a team who are ready and wanting to step-up and take on more.

You achieve this by showing that you believe in them by trusting them with some of your smaller tasks and by having them become engaged in the bigger picture of where you see your dental office and their roles in it.

Talk about your vision and your goals for this year and beyond and what’s in it for them, how achieving results will improve job satisfaction, make it a better place to work and the benefits for your patients too.

Create A Great Culture – Accountability and Responsibility

If you can create the right culture, deal with you mindset about delegation and back your team you can do more together than you ever thought you were capable of and in return you get to let go of doing so much, have more free time, improve your headspace, and focus on seeing patients and working on the business not just in it.

Once you put these pieces into place you can move forward very quickly depending on your team and your willingness to stay consistent, and follow up and follow though.

If your team think oh it’s just one of Doctor’s silly ideas again and that you’ll soon give up or not keep to it they will not take action and you will not see results. You need to show that you mean it this time and that you are serious about making the changes you want in your practice.

Ok so how do you delegate as a dentist and make it happen?

The biggest mistakes I see dentists making, and hands up I’ve been guilty of this enough times too, is that they hire to fill a position based on we need someone to do this role.

Well from now on I want you to think about it this way – each and everyone is there to fulfil a key responsibility and achieve a daily goal. They have a role and a goal. Each team member must know their key responsibility and what their results need to be, what they are there to achieve.

Having roles and goals stops you wondering what they are doing all day and it keeps your team focused and on track to complete what is important and to be held accountable to it.

What Type of Dental Team Do You Have

Do you have team members who are turning up, putting in their time and then going home at the end of the day or do you have team members who are cheering for you and your dental office and wanting to be a part of its success?

Well this is how you start to get them engaged, aligned and wanting to do more. Define expectations and outcomes and help them know what performing and winning looks like, hold them accountable to it and then acknowledge and reward them when they are on track and doing well.

And don’t let it slide when they are not upholding the rules of play and hitting the bar you have set.

Don’t ever lower your bar to accommodate your team or a team member encourage them to grow and come up to your standard.

Be the leader and stand for what you want your dental practice to be and how you want to feel when you come to work and what culture and values you want to uphold.

So if you have team members who are just going through the motions these changes you are going to implement are going to make them feel uncomfortable, its going to ask them to stretch, it will challenge them, it will expose them and for some it may just make them leave – now I can already feel you having a freak out and meltdown.

But let me ask you do you want a team that backs you and wants to come along with you or a team that drains you, that you have to carry and pay simply because they turn up but don’t show up?

Personally if a team member does not want to change, can’t change or won’t then they are better off in another dental office, it’s better they and you realise that now and make space for someone who does want more and can come with you to the next level.

You Must Set The Bar and Hold It High

If you let them get away with it, then that is down to you, your practice is a reflection of your commitment and willingness to make it a success.

So sorry but initially you have to be willing to have having those difficult conversations, to be candid and honest about what is going on, be willing to show up and lead your team even when it seems easier not to.

But as you will see when I give you the process (in part 2) that it isn’t going to take hours and hours each week to accomplish.

Really all it needs is 10 -15 minutes each week, and few minutes a day to increase your production and reach your goals. Is that worth it?

If you could increase profit, efficiency and improve the culture in your practice would you invest 5 minutes a day to have your team members grow and evolve to step-up and help you run your office.

And would you rather know whether they can or not, rather then pretending that they are a good fit for your dental practice and paying them just to sit there and go through the motions.

Find out how to implement and take action to successfully delegate in your dental office in part 2…