Hi I’m Rachel Hall!

I graduated dental school in 1992 with my degree and very little idea of what being a dentist out in the world would entail.

I worked for 8 demanding years in dental practices under the National Health Service seeing 30-40 patients a day!!! Yes a day.

This high workload was exhausting and I had to develop exceptional time management skills to keep up with the heavy schedule.

The pace of work took its toll on my mental and physical health, I was sick a lot and was in constant pain with my neck and back. I was only 30 years old but felt 90.

I knew I couldn’t keep pushing myself, I was exhausted and burning out. So in 2000 my partner and I emigrated to Australia.

Australia the land of beaches, surfing, rainforests and dental practices where a busy day would be a whopping 16 patients. This was my dream come true and the start of a new life that seemed like Heaven to me.

I worked in a wonderful practice in Brisbane for 5 years before opening my own dental office so I could do things on my terms and have more time for myself to do the things I loved. Or so I thought!!

Not long after I opened we became very busy with patients. I found myself trying to drill teeth, manage a team, do payroll and cashflow, accounts and bookkeeping, marketing, ordering and everything that running a business asks of you.

I was working long hours and trying to keep up but the dental practice was taking over my life.

I was stressed and felt I couldn’t even take a day off yet alone a holiday after all I’d got staff wages, overhead and bills to pay and a young family to provide for.

I was working really hard, and no matter what I only ever seemed to have just enough money to pay the bills and not much left over for myself.

I felt stressed and overwhelmed it was all work and no play and I became moody and withdrawn at home causing strain in my relationship.


I wanted to throw in the towel, walk away and never pick up a drill again. But I couldn’t I needed to make this work.

I really had no idea how to make it change. I micromanaged EVERY thing and the staff secretly resented me for it.

Two key team members resigned at the same time – I thought it was the end of the world… but it turned out to be my biggest blessing. This was my chance to take back my dental practice and start over again – learning from the ‘mistakes’ I made.

I asked myself what I wanted in life and from my dental practice and set out to create just that.

I shifted my mindset to work smarter and not harder.

I realized I couldn’t be a dentist ‘running’ a business, I needed to be a business owner running a dental practice.

I had a PLAN!!

I got myself a business coach, joined a mastermind group, read as many books about business and leadership as I could and applied it to my new business model.

I hired people to do the work that I shouldn’t be doing and focussed on seeing patients and leading the business and the team.

I systemised everything and it was these systems that gave me my life back.

I am living proof that systems make fortunes and allow you to have fun.

That you can have a profitable and successful dental office and a life.

I work 3 days a week behind the dental chair. I am more productive than ever, less stressed and get to have fun at work as well as with my family and friends.

I make sure I take at leaset 6 weeks holiday a year and work hours that suit my lifestyle.

I get to do the things I love like surfing, hiking, driving fast cars, playing guitar, meeting up with friends for lunch, skateboarding with my son or taking time to go for a massage.

And the best thing is…

I have a business that can run without me (well most the time!!).

I did this by creating systems for every aspect of my business, training my team and empowering them to take care of the day to day of the practice.

And I want to help you do this too, so you can create a business and a life of freedom.