Rookie Dentist Mistakes

When it comes to dentistry and especially running a dental practice, there are 5 things that I wish I could help every new dental practice owner to stop doing.


Way more than just new dentists make these mistakes.



– You can’t still be a “noob”
– That you’ve reached your potential
– That you don’t still have lots of gains on the table

I made sooo many mistakes as a newbie dental practice owner but here are the top 5 that I see so often:

1. Not setting goals
2. Not having a plan
3. Not delegating
4. Micro-managing
5. Not tracking the numbers

6. Not having systems

I’ve linked to a video for each of the BIG FIVE so be sure to watch to see if you are making this mistake and what to do about it.

Newbie Dental Practice Owner Mistakes

1. Not Having Goals

Without goals, you are practising dentistry aimlessly hoping to be successful, and productive and have a work-life balance. Without goals, you don’t know what you want to achieve, how to go about getting there or when you’ve made it. Goals give you structure and focus and have you and your team pulling in the same direction

2. Not Having a Plan

What is your short, mid and long-term plan? This ties in with your goals and is the steps to get you from A to B. Your goals may be to own multiple practices, grow your team, reduce your clinical hours, take more holidays, buy your dream home, or early retirement. Without a plan how is that going to happen?

3. Not Delegating

Not delegating means you end up trying to do everything yourself, that’s a surefire recipe for burnout, exhaustion, dissatisfaction, long hours and being chained to your dental office. Delegate to your staff, train them and oversea that the tasks get done and once they are delegate some more. If I could have my time in dental practice over again delegating sooner would be one of the things I would do differently as now I delegate everything other than seeing my patients my stress levels and fun factor and love of dentistry are so much higher. Give it again and what seems like a painful exercise at first will be worth it. I promise.

But you need to delegate properly for it to work.

4. Micro Managing

Once you delegate and train your team you have to let go and trust them to do it, yes keep them accountable and have checks and reporting in place but you don’t need to overshadow their every move or jump in and take over. Micromanaging will wear you out and make your team resentful and have them lose confidence when you need to apply a ‘let go and let grow’ attitude. Let go and help your team grow into valuable members of your dental office. They will have greater job satisfaction and so will you.

5. Not Tracking The Numbers

If you don’t know how much money you are making or spending you are going to get in a mess financially and this goes for tracking new patient numbers, case acceptance, and so much more. The numbers allow you to know the pulse of your practice so you can respond and make adjustments for what isn’t working and consolidate what is.


6. Not Having Systems

My mantra is that systems run your practice and people run the systems. Without systems, everyone is left guessing and making things up as they go. There is no consistency and you are wasting time and money trying to figure things out. Without systems you can’t delegate and things will constantly not be done the way you would like and er we all know what that means yes – stress and micromanaging and you doing everything or constantly putting out fires.

SERVICES MAKE MONEY BUT SYSTEMS MAKE FORTUNES and allow you to build a profitable, low-stress dental practice that lets you live a life!!

5 Big Mistakes Newbie Dental Practice Owners Make

So whether you are a new grad, associate, established or newbie dental practice owner this 5 – ok so it’s 6 – mistakes can be impacting on your work, mindset, happiness, ability to generate income and your life.

Get honest and if you are making these mistakes now is the time to make a change.