Before you start any dental marketing campaign or engage a marketing company at great expense there are some things you need to know first.
Without metrics and figures you have no benchmark to compare your new marketing initiatives against to see if they are working.
What results you want: do you want more new patients in your dental chair? Of course you do…But do you want just any old new patient – do you want to get them in on a freebie or discount, do you simply want more new enquiries so you can say hey our marketing is working. Or do you want quality leads that want your dentistry and what you do at the price that you do it.
Sometimes quality over quantity is a much better goal. I’ll explain why in this Episode of The Cheeky Dentist Show.
  • What numbers you need to know before doing more marketing
  • How to tell if your marketing is working
  • How to stop wasting your marketing dollars
  • What you need to have to maximise any marketing campaign
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